Saturday, July 24, 2010

[Concept of] knowledge of the characteristics of

Knowledge has the following four characteristics:

Have many amazing efficiency and increasing returns.

Most of the value of the assets will face a downward trend, but only knowledge is not the case. The main costs of knowledge products from the stage of creation rather than the usual sense of the production and distribution stages. Once able to create a knowledge of its initial research costs may be rising in the future to keep the output in the amortization.

When knowledge is more and more people are using the network effect will be more shows. Users benefit from the knowledge while constantly enrich and substantiate the knowledge base, increase its value. In the traditional industrial economy, fixed assets, human use because of the depreciation of the knowledge assets are more people to use because of the formation of standards, and to add new content and its value.

Scattered, omissions and updating needs.

When the continuous growth of knowledge, it will give birth to many of the bifurcation and become scattered. It is because of the more esoteric and complex knowledge, the skills of today's expert knowledge will be only a basic knowledge of tomorrow into the industry.

Become a standard of knowledge, it will become more valuable. However, the period of patent or trade secrets before they lost value because of widespread. Therefore, a successful company must constantly update their knowledge base. Quick, effective re-creation of knowledge update system will become the main elements of competitive advantage.

Uncertain value.

The value of the investment in knowledge has been difficult to test. Results may differ materially from those anticipated. Of course, if successful, they will bring extraordinary knowledge development. Similarly, a well-functioning chain of knowledge creation, each new knowledge is old knowledge, innovation and development, but may suddenly stop functioning unpredictable.

The interests of uncertainty into.

Most of the knowledge is stored in the brain, so knowledge is as difficult as plant and equipment to be occupied and controlled. Indeed, knowledge can be organized into books, but the most valuable knowledge is often difficult to express. People tend to know to understand than the toad to the more and more people understand the value of knowledge is clearly more to share the power.

Knowledge as an asset is very difficult to participate in the transaction. Difficult to defend intellectual property rights, reporting and knowledge of software programs and other products can not be easily detected in the case of being reproduced. In particular, the common development of knowledge by the multi-asset, even if the court is also difficult to determine which party to own the assets.

Together to create knowledge from the multi-asset and necessity of the unpredictability of the results, decided to determine the value of the distribution of knowledge can not get consensus. Even given the same right to use the knowledge, the different parties will have different interests.

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